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Why cookies?



This Cookie Statement has been developed in cooperation between industry organisations and discussed with the OPTA.

In order to provide you with a better service when you visit a website, most websites use cookies. These are useful technologies that collect and use data. They make websites easier to use. Cookies ensure, for example, that you stay logged in to a website or that your favourites, such as location and language settings, are saved. Furthermore, they update your digital shopping cart when you shop online. With the help of cookies, website owners can see how often their site - and which subpages - are viewed by visitors. In addition, some cookies offer the possibility to track your surfing habits. This allows websites and advertisers to learn about your preferences, which enables them to target ads. Advertisements are usually necessary to finance the websites. Cookies are used to tailor as many ads as possible to your interests. 



Cookies are stored on your computer and you can delete them at any time. This is very easy. Click on one of the icons below and go directly to your browser's operating instructions. Note that after deleting cookies, you may need to reset your personal preferences on some websites or log in again.  



Important to know: The use of cookies is safe. Email and telemarketing campaigns are not the result of cookies. Cookies do not store your e-mail address or telephone number, nor do they build up a profile to identify a natural person.